This stylish black framed mirror is our most popular product. In Nordic Country Finland we’ve sold already thousands of these mirrors and now this awesome mirror is available also in EU countries.

Full-length mirror can be mounted on the wall or it can be set as leaning up against the wall. Mirror thickness is 4mm and frame height 20mm. Behind the mirror is safety film and hooks for installing. Frames are made from aluminium.

We’re selling the mirror in two different sizes. Bigger and the most popular is width 1150 and height 2100mm (115x210cm). Smaller version is width 1000mm and height 1700mm (100x170cm)

Prices are including transport in EU countries

1150x2100mm - 680 €

1000x1700mm - 580 €

If you order two mirrors at the same time, you’ll get the second mirror with -25% discount.

Make the order with this form. We will confirm the order within the next 24 hours.

Delivery is made to the entrance of your building